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What could be easier?

Let me explain a little bit about how our three-tier comparison system works and how it came into existence…

My name is John Dawson and together with my business partner Richard Green, we created the unique three-tier system four years ago and launched one year later.

To share a little about our background, Richard and I have been colleagues for more than eight years, beginning when I worked as an editor for a large UK tabloid. Richard worked in the IT department and was there on my first day. 

My role at that organisation was varied. One of my weekly tasks was to liaise with professional tipsters and publish race selections for our readers. In the beginning, I found this task to be fairly mundane. But after several months, I began noticing patterns by comparing the selections of one tipster with the selections of another. I’d then compare those tips with selections from another tipster, and another, and so on…

By making comparisons, I was able to see which selections were going to result in profit and which weren’t. So some days, for a bit of fun, I’d place a bet or two. And sure enough, almost without fault, I'd make a profit. In fact, after just a couple of months of betting 'for fun' I was making more money from horse racing than I was from my job!

The problem, however, was that manually comparing selections from different tipsters was taking hours of my time each day. What started as a small task on my lunch break turned into something that I took home with me each evening and agonised over each night as my dinner went cold.

This is where Richard Green comes in…

Richard was the only person at work whom considered a friend. We'd frequently catch up by the coffee machine, and occasionally grab a pint after work.

And it was during one of those evenings, a pint of Heineken in hand, that I brought up the subject of betting. I confided in Richard, telling him how much I was making each day on the horses, and how obsessed I’d become with combing through selections to find the perfect tips.

Richard laughed at the thought of me pulling my hair out over spreadsheets. He simply couldn't imagine it! Then, he patted me on the back and told me to relax. He reassured me, stating that he could most likely create a system that would automate the entire process. Richard had graduated with a first-class degree in Advanced Computer Science with Data Analytics, and for years he had been dying to sink his teeth into a challenging project. Setting up new staff emails and draining spilt coffee from keyboards hardly intellectually stimulating. (Plus the huge betting profits appealed to him, too!)

And so I shared with Richard all that I had. I showed him how I acquired the early selections and my cumbersome technique for cross-referencing. He gave me a few understanding nods, and then got to work on creating our tip comparison software.

For several weeks I didn’t hear much from him, just the odd update here and there. Then one Saturday afternoon, IT WAS READY.

I jumped in my car and drove to the other side of town. I couldn’t wait to see what Richard and come up with – and his system FAR exceeded my expectations!

He’d created a three-tier comparison system; a program far more complex and far more accurate than I could ever have imagined.

Tier ONE

Selections data from hundreds of reputable UK tipsters is automatically fed into the system. The system then compares and analyses this information. Tips that are at least 70% likely to win are then separated from losing tips.

Tier TWO

Next, the system compares the ‘winning sections’ with pre-compiled race data. Selections are compared with race history information for each individual horse and jockey. The system looks for positive correlations and discards tips which correlate negatively.


Lastly, the system takes the newly refined selections and compares them with existing race track data and up-to-date weather information. Then, the remaining ‘bad tips’ are discarded and our final selections are compiled into one email and sent directly to YOU.

The results were incredible. Since day one the system has yielded a strike-rate of over 75%!

After making enough money for the both of us to leave work permanently, Richard and I decided to share the jaw-dropping results of our three-tier comparison system with a select few lucky punters.

In 2017 we launched and took on 20 new members. In 2018 we took on another 20 new members. In 2019 we took on 30 new members and this year we will be accepting 40 new members.

Each year the demand for our tips grows exponentially. Last year so many hundreds of punters visited our website so quickly that it almost crashed! Unfortunately for them, most punters were greeted with a SOLD OUT message as the 30 new membership spaces were filled in less than one hour!

This year we’ve upgraded our servers as we expect EVEN MORE traffic to our website. WHO KNOWS how quickly those 40 spaces will be filled…

And it's no wonder that eager punters are chomping at the bit to get their hands on our tips when the signup fee is a one-time payment of just £29.99!

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And for your peace of mind, we’ve teamed up with trusted internet retailer ClickBank, which means all payments are secure and you’re entitled to a full refund within a 60-day period if you’re not satisfied with our service.

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All the best,

John Dawson.

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Q. There are hundreds of tipsters online, all claiming to be the best. How do I know your service is right for me?
A. We are NOT just another back-bedroom online tipster. We compare the selections of hundreds of different reputable tipsters through our unique three-tire betting system and then send only the very best tips to you.

Q. I’m new to betting, how do I get started?
A. You can sign up to any online bookies (e.g. William Hill, Bet365, Betway, 888sport, Betfair, etc) in a matter of minutes. From there you can place bets securely online using your credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can take a walk to your local bookies and place you bets in person.

Q. How quickly can I start making money with your service?
A. Sign up now and you’ll find our daily selections in your email inbox tomorrow morning (GMT). You can start seeing betting profits in less than 24 hours!

Q. What equipment do I need to start betting?
A. You can bet from your phone, laptop, computer or tablet. No special equipment is required. All you need is an internet connection and a payment method (credit card/ debit card).

Q. I’ve tried other internet tipping services before and had no success. How do I know your service is the real deal?
A. As our three-tier comparison system compares the selections of hundreds of different tipsters, our tips are more accurate and reliable than other tipping services.

Q. In the past I’ve paid monthly for betting selections. Why are you offering unlimited selections for a one-time payment of just £29.99?
A. We don’t believe in billing our customers monthly for our service. Pay just £29.99 today and enjoy our verified daily selections indefinitely.

Q. How can I get in touch if I have any further questions?
A. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at where either myself or Richard will be happy to help you.

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